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“Dan has a solid track record building political organizations from scratch.  He is talented, accountable AND cost conscious.  We need more organizers like him!”

Chris Britton, Caddo Associates, Austin Texas
“Within 48 hours of calling Dan, we had two campaign offices opened, fully functional, and volunteers already at work. Dan’s team is smart, effective and FAST!” 

– Andre Bauer, Former Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina
“Top flight professionals with a deep knowledge of the legislative process and know-how to win…very savvy team with an outstanding work ethic.” 

– Mike Barnhart, Health Care Compact Association
“Dan and his team are experienced and knowledgeable in the nuances of legislative politics, particularly in the states.”

– Rep. Mike Ball (R-AL)
“Dan Tripp is a hard-nosed manager and a creative thinker…he has a track record of success in elections and ballot initiatives. Conservatives should be glad he’s on our side…”

– Yates Walker, Daily Caller Columnist
“The best value in the country for your political projects. Professionals who understand campaign strategy and they execute relentlessly. These guys know how to win and get it done.”

– Lori Klein, Executive Director, AZ Homeowners Protection Effort (Proposition 207)
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